Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in Node.js

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Start Working with Powerful, Scalable Services that will Up Your Tech Stack

Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in Node.js is a beginner to intermediate focused book on provisioning, deploying, and running Node.js applications in the AWS cloud. By the end of this book, you'll be able to provision scalable AWS-integrated Node.js applications, either via the web-based GUI or via the command line and SDK. With the solid foundation given in this book, you can then go on to pick up and start working with any of the other services offered by the most popular cloud service.

The ease-of-use of AWS, and its growing importance to the web, are just some of the reasons why major companies like Adobe, Airbnb, Baidu, ESPN, the European Space Agency, NASA, Slack, Twitch, Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other companies have either launched or migrated parts of their infrastructure to the AWS platform. Having the skills to work with AWS not only gives you a better chance of getting hired by top companies like these, but it also gives you the tools you'll need to start a startup of your own.

There's a lot more to running an application in the cloud than just computing and databases. To scale any reasonably complex app, you'll need to learn the concepts of storage, messaging, cloud and serverless computing, managed databases, and more.

Each chapter will feature an introduction to the topic and a problem that the relevant service solves, followed by a setup and a demo application. This book covers the following core AWS products:

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Amazon Web Service Lambda
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

We'll continuously update the book with more guides to relevant AWS services, corrections, and improvements on existing chapters. Have a suggestion or correction? Let us know!


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We want to make sure you're 100% happy with the book, so we'll provide full refunds within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. Simply reply to the download email with your refund request.

I found a bug/typo/issue in the book, how do I report it?

Please reply to the download email with any issues you find with the book and we'll correct it for the next update.

Can I share this book with my company or team?

Purchasing this version gives you an individual license. If you're interested in a group rate for a company, team, class, etc., please contact us.

2 ratings
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  • You'll get a PDF & EPUB


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Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in Node.js

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